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Heavy Duty Encoder ACURO-XR

High mechanical loads, ... Temperature variations, ... Dirty environments, ... Aggtessive atmospheres, ... Fluids, ... the ACCURO-XR rises to all challenges!

The special features of the newACURO-XR series not only comprise its particularly rugged enclosure, but also generously dimensioned, rigid ball-bearings. Capable of withstanding even high axial and radial loads on its shaft axis, this encoder type easily achieves a mechanical life of 109 rotations at a permanent radial load of 200N and simultaneously, an axial load of 200N.

If encoders are used in applications under extreme environmental conditions, their true quality will become obvious very soon: high mechanical loads, distinct temperature fluctuations, contaminations and corrosive atmospheres or liquids affect conventional rotary sensors and increasingly lead to failures.

Acuro-XR Output Formats Available:

Material Types:
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless

The newly designed ACURO-XR makes a difference. It easily withstands highest accelerations, extreme climatic fluctuations and even underwater operation. In this way, our rugged absolute encoder is ideally suitable for applications in wind mills, marine or utility vehicle applications, as well as for use in presses or wood and stone processing machinery: applications where high resistance to harsh environments and maximum reliability are required at the same time.

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